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The unwriteable

WHEN you have philosophized for all you are worth, when every thought path seems to lead to the same idiotic conundrum, then all that is left is the writing: writing about philosophy, the act of philosophizing, about writing, about 'writing about philosophy', 'writing about writing', etc. etc.
     Reflection is good, reflexivity is a danger and sometimes a curse. Ourobouros — the image of a snake eating its own tail.
     What is writing? A question for philosophy. This isn't about 'good' or 'bad' writing, or philosophical or non-philosophical writing. Just writing.
     Don't say 'words on a page' because that would include shopping lists, dictionaries, court transcripts, etc.
     Writing is just what writers do. Writing is the normal state, like breathing. In that case, failing to write is the remarkable case, the exception, the thing we have to understand.
     Writer's block is one example, which is far too talked about. If the…

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