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On reading

FOLLOWING up my answer on Ask a Philosopher, Classic texts for the beginning student I went on a Google search for a quote about Wittgenstein that I remember from Rush Rhees Without Answers: his advice not to "seek comfort or stimulus in this or that".
     All that came up were my own pages:
     Pathways to Philosophy study guide 4
     Glass house philosopher notebook I page 17
     Sophist weblog page 13

     Had I been imagining the quote — all this time? I didn't have a copy of Without Answers (it was a public library loan from decades back). So tried the search "comfort and stimulus" + "Wittgenstein" and found this gem on Google Books, from A Companion to Wittgenstein on Education: Pedagogical Investigations edited by Michael A. Peters, Jeff Stickney:

What does Wittgenstein mean by slow learning, then, and on…

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