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Idiotic conundrum

LET go of irony
     You are more worthy than that
     Admit the truth
     An idiotic conundrum
     Has you fooled
     You're not clever enough
     To see past it
     Condemned to repeat
     Life is endless

     You've allowed one question, one single question, to blot out all of the others. And the question is unanswerable. It barely makes sense (although it seems to — to you).
     Why care?
     There are always alternatives — to philosophizing. You don't have to answer that question, or any question. Let it go.
     You can't, because you believe.
     It's a remarkable thing, discovering that you have 'beliefs'.
     Like the belief that every single moment has an absolute ineradicable reality, a reality that does not permit that moment to be removed from existence, not in a million or a billion years, even when it is forgotten and all traces of its happening destroyed.

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