[Pathways] How to post (and not post) to the Pathways list

A short while ago a message was sent out to the Pathways list that was intended for me alone. This was unfortunate and I apologize for any annoyance caused.

My email address is klempner@fastmail.net. The list address is philosophypathways@lists.shef.ac.uk. These are obviously not the same email address, but when you click 'Reply' please check first. Not all email programs work the same way.

What is the Pathways list for? It is primarily an announcement list. If you have a book or article somewhere and you want to tell the list subscribers about it you can post a message giving a short summary and the place on the web where your article or book can be found. You can also notify the list of philosophy meetups, conferences etc.

That's all. Please don't send your articles to me, or to the list (as attachments). If subscribers are interested they will be able to access your work on the web.

After you have sent your message you will receive an email that says, 'Your message for list philosophypathways is awaiting approval by a list moderator. If approved, it will be distributed to the list.' Don't be alarmed. Your message will hopefully go out to the list within 24 hours.

The Pathways list is NOT a discussion list. We are hoping to start a new online conference, and when that happens I will let you know -- by sending a message to the list.

Have a great day!



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