[philosophypathways] 'Philosophy, Ethics and Dialogue' by Geoffrey Klempner

'Philosophy, Ethics and Dialogue' by Geoffrey Klempner

"The Journal of Dialogue Studies aims to provide a platform for intellectually rigorous engagement with dialogue from a wide range of academic disciplines, and in relation to dialogue as conducted in a wide variety of contexts. This issue of the journal has a particular emphasis on some of the contexts of dialogue. This begins with Geoffrey Klempner's paper on 'Philosophy, Ethics and Dialogue'. This may at first appear an unusual paper to open with as it seems to be less contextualised than the others in this edition of the journal. But Klempner roots his broader discussion and critique of the relationship between philosophy, ethics and dialogue by drawing on his 20 years of experience with students taking courses with Pathways to Philosophy, including one who was a prisoner on Death Row in Texas, in the USA. From this experience and the engagement of it with wider theoretical discussions concerning ethics and dialogue, Klempner concludes that learning how to conduct ethical dialogue is somewhat similar to learning how to dance, in that it cannot be taught and learned from a book: one can only learn ethical dialogue by actually and contextually engaging in ethical dialogue." - Paul Weller, Academic Editor