[Pathways] 'What is Philosophy? The Case for Relevance' by Max Malikow

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'What Is Philosophy and Why Study It? The Case for Relevance'

by Max Malikow

The purpose of this book is to make the case for the study of philosophy being as relevant to real life as is the study of psychology. Since I have written for philosophy students I offer a caveat to anyone who has encountered this book apart from an academic assignment: Unavoidably, writing for a specific audience reduces the value of a book for readers who are outside the intended audience. Still, I hope anyone who invests in reading the pages that follow will be influenced to believe that philosophy is indeed relevant to the pursuit of a rich and meaningful life.

Paperback: 98 pages

Published: 20 Feb 2020


ISBN-10: 1733454020
ISBN-13: 978-1733454025