Originally, Pathways was a postal correspondence course with units sent out in brown paper envelopes just like in Sophie's World or a Charles Atlas course (Philosophy from a distance, 1998).
     Students could choose between six Pathways: introduction to philosophy, philosophy of mind, ancient philosophy. philosophy of language, moral philosophy and metaphysics.
     In 1997, Pathways was launched on the web.
     The web has changed a lot since then.
     But all the time, we have been growing. Millions of words have been posted on Ask a Philosopher. The Philosophy Pathways e-journal runs to over 200 issues. Students from scores of countries have followed the Pathways Programs.
     If you want to know the whole story, you can browse through the 5000 plus pages on the Pathways web sites, starting with the home page at philosophypathways.com.
     Or you can download The Pathways Story (zip file) which consists of four articles covering the first 12 years of the 'Pathways School of Philosophy'.
     You can also follow us here, on the Philosophy Pathways Blog, where you can read our latest posts, or download units from the Pathways programs.
     If you have any questions or comments, email Geoffrey Klempner at klempner@fastmail.net.
     We're always interested to hear from Pathways students or former students — especially if you own a blog.

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